Soldiers & Sailors Announces Partnership with Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh

Recordings will occur at “A Celebration of Veterans” event on Saturday, June 16

PITTSBURGH — Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum Trust, Inc. today announced its newly formed partnership with the Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh Transmedia Oral History Initiative.

“Telling a story with artifacts can only share a part of a veteran’s story,” said President & CEO John F. McCabe. “But, to watch them tell their story and see their emotions firsthand will help future generations make a connection.”

Soldiers & Sailors is excited to announce its partnership with Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh at its “Celebrations of Veterans” event at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 16, 2012. The event will be an expanded version of the monthly Veterans Breakfast Club’s meetings organized by Todd DePastino. Veterans will gather to enjoy a meal, tours of the museum and share experiences based on a common topic. This meeting’s topic will center on experiences at boot camp, which is a universal experience for all veterans of all wars and all branches.

Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh in Partnership with Soldiers & Sailors is an oral history project that tells veterans’ stories in different ways by using multimedia, such as audio, video, written narratives, still photography, animation, etc. Its mission is to preserve and share the voices, images, and experiences of Pittsburgh area veterans of all branches of service and eras, including peace and war-time service. The project was initially created in early 2011 by Kevin Farkas, Navy veteran and Beaver County native, who began recording veterans’ stories as part of The Social Voice Project’s Veteran Voices initiative. Its mission was simply to help local veterans capture and preserve their stories for their families. In 2012, The Social Voice Project formed a new multimedia partnership that added videography, still photography, and narrative. The newly formed project included Executive Director Todd DePastino of The Veterans Breakfast Club, Chris Rolinson of StartPoint Media, Inc., and Andy Marchese of Andy Marchese Photography. After determining that the project needed an outlet to preserve and archive the captured stories, the group reached out to Soldiers & Sailors.

“Recording veteran stories is something we have tried to do multiple times, but due to limited resources and staff, it just wasn’t possible,” added McCabe. “We are excited to partner with the project to ensure these valuable stories are preserved for many years to come.”

On two days each month, preselected veterans are invited to visit Soldiers & Sailors and share their story. Our curatorial department works to provide artifacts that will help veterans revisit their service memories. The information is available for the public to view through the project’s website, on social networking, in print and on blogs. The project uses high definition technology, formatting, and techniques to enhance oral histories. In the future, the partnership plans to secure funding to create a digital exhibit at the museum and increase exposure by using podcasts, radio and television.

Veterans interested in registering for future events with the Veterans Breakfast Club should visit its website at For more information on the Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh program or to register for an interview, visit and look for “Request an Interview” from the menu bar on the left. Find the program on Facebook at, twitter at , YouTube at and on Vimeo at

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Soldiers & Sailors is the nation’s only military museum dedicated to honoring the men and women of all branches of service, and in all capacities (Active, Reserve, Guard). The historic building was designed by renowned architect Henry Hornbostel and has exhibits covering all of America’s conflicts, from the Civil War to our present operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The museum offers a unique look into American history by telling the stories of the individuals that served our country through military equipment and personal mementos, as well as detailing the effects our military conflicts have had on society.

The Social Voice Project is a non-profit education organization. Our mission is to use audiography to capture, preserve, share, and celebrate expressions of the social condition—we call these social voices. We work specifically with other non-profit, charitable, or civic-oriented organizations and individuals. We specialize in creating high definition audio recordings for social, cultural, historical, and educational purposes as a public benefit and social good. We encourage citizens to speak about themselves, their occupations and experiences, and their communities so that we may benefit and learn from these acts of bearing witness.

The Veterans Breakfast Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that creates communities of listening around veterans and their stories. There are no membership dues or requirements, and you don’t have to be a veteran to attend. The mission of the Veterans Breakfast Club is to create communities of listening around veterans and their stories. We accomplish this through regular breakfasts and other events, such as outreach sessions and bus trips to historic sites, designed to promote reflection, fellowship, and storytelling. Our current initiative focuses on veterans of World War II and Korea, but our mission is to reach veterans of every generation. We believe that telling and listening to stories can nourish us and help build a more compassionate nation. Veterans’ stories–whether they be entertaining, instructive, commemorative, or healing–remind us that history is built one story at a time.

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