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VBC BC 2015-06-030025-collage - smThe Veterans Breakfast Club creates communities of listening around veterans and their stories. Through public storytelling programs such as our local breakfast events, veterans of all eras share their memories and learn about the service of others. These events help build camaraderie among veterans and educate the public about the veteran experience.





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Veteran Voices: The Magazine of The Veterans Breakfast Club is our flagship publication and contains stories about local veterans and photographs collected from our breakfast programs and our oral history archives.  The magazine is a keepsake–glossy, artistic, and exciting to read. Every issue contains several full-length feature articles and interesting side-stories.

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Our free, multi-page newsletter is sent three times a year to VBC friends and supporters.  It contains our current schedule of events, as well as news about local veterans and our efforts to honor veterans’ stories.

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VVOP Logo_2014_v5Our veterans’ story collection contains hundreds of long-form and short video and audio stories adapted from our oral history archive.

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The Veterans Breakfast Club is a member of The Social Voice Podcast Network, a nonprofit project of the Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh Oral History Initiative.  Our podcasts feature the stories and voices of local veterans from our live storytelling events and oral history inteviews.

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