Photographer Andy Marchese Joins the Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh

Anyone who bemoans the state of American youth should meet Andy Marchese, a 23-year-old recent college graduate who has just decided to lend his considerable talents as a photographer to the Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh project.  Andy contacted me a few weeks ago with a great idea: how about if he took portraits of our vets and paired them with their stories? I told him we had just such a project in mind–only with video and audio added–and we scheduled a time to meet.  In the meantime,  I looked up Andy’s work on his website.  I was stunned by his photos’ beauty and expressiveness.  Such a mature and discerning eye at a young age.  I was further stunned when he told me he had just started taking photos three years ago and is entirely self-taught.  The kid’s a natural!

Andy’s visual artistry and expertise in portraiture will greatly enhance our goal of creatively showcasing veterans’ stories using various media, including still photography.

A native of Pittsburgh’s North Hills area, Andy is a marketing professional, photo editor, and owner of Andy Marchese Photography, which specializes in editorial and commercial photography with a focus in sports photography.  Some of his clients include Gateway Newspapers, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Johnstown Tribune Democrat, Duke University, University of Nebraska, and North Dakota State University.
I look forward to showcasing some of Andy’s veteran photos here.  Welcome aboard, Andy!