WWII Tour of Europe

September 11-25, 2018


Travel with the VBC on our WWII Battlefield Tour of Europe this September as we follow the footsteps of the Band of Brothers, from Normandy to the Eagle’s Nest in the Bavarian Alps. Todd DePastino, Director of the Veterans Breakfast Club, will serve as the Historian on the trip, accompanied by local guides and experts all along the way. We’ll arrive in Paris, tour Versailles, explore the landing beaches of Normandy before heading off for Holland to revisit Operation Market Garden. We’ll then tour the ground of the Battle of the Bulge in Bastogne, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Heidelberg, Stuttgart, and Munich are next, where we’ll see the model for Hitler’s Final Solution: Dachau concentration camp. We’ll trek to the mountainous border of Austria to see Hitler’s mountain fortress, Berchtesgaden, the “Eagle’s Nest.” Before heading home, we’ll celebrate Oktoberfest in Munich! The Trip of a Lifetime.

Land Tour Rate: $5,495

Optional Roundtrip Air: $1,150

Deposit Due: May 15

Questions? Contact Todd at or 412-623-9029.




MARCH 2018

In March 2018, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Tet Offensive of 1968, the Veterans Breakfast Club led a 14-day tour of Vietnam, from Hanoi and Halong Bay in the North to Saigon and the Mekong Delta in the South. Seventeen of us traveled together, including seven veterans. We stayed in 4-star hotels and ate wonderful meals along the way, soaking in the visually stunning landscape, enjoying the warm and friendly people, and marveling at a vibrant economy that is one of the fastest growing in the world. Every day, however, we paused from our wonder of contemporary Vietnam to consider the past and remember those Americans who arrived here 50 years ago and never returned. The travelers agreed this trip was a peak experience. We’ll never view the country or the war in the same way again.

VBC Vietnam Tour 2018 — Highlights from Veterans Breakfast Club on Vimeo.