Memoirs of a Korean War Bride

Katie Schell We first met Pega Crimbchin and her daughter Katie Schell at our first Beaver County breakfast, September 25, 2013, and then again at our October breakfast in Baldwin, PA..  Both Pega and Katie spoke about Pega’s experience as a a slave girl in Korea during the Korean War. She managed to escape and survive and eventually marry an American GI, Frank Crimbchin.

Katie Schell has written about Pega’s amazing story–in all its gut-wrenching candor– in a new book titled Love Beyond Measure: Memoirs of a Korean War Bride. writes:

Imagine being a seven year old orphaned girl given over to another family to be their slave. Imagine being alone in this world; unwanted and unloved by anyone. Imagine being a young woman when war breaks out in your city – Seoul. This is the true story of Ock Soon Lee (Pega Crimbchin), a Korean peasant who survived some of life’s most upspeakable suffering. The war had left her near starvation and sometimes even death. Somehow while hundreds around her were killed or died during their escape, Ock Soon Lee survived. It is the story of one woman’s courage and strength, hope and love that would carry her from life as a Korean peasant to that of an American citizen. Follow her journey and the miracles she encounters as she escapes communism. This is a book you will never forget. The memoirs are written by Ock Soon Lee’s daughter, Katie Schell.

Pega remembers her thirst for water in those desperate days, and so Katie is sending proceeds from books sales to Nigeria to dig clean water wells.