Help Grant WWII Veteran’s Wish to Attend Division Reunion

Several people recently alerted me to this worthy cause sponsored by the non-profit Twilight Wish organization.

James Hall, is a disabled World War II veteran. Hall currently resides in the Masonic Home of New Jersey in Burlington. His wish is to attend the reunion of the 6th Marine Division in September in Portland, Oregon. One of only two surviving platoon members, Hall feels this is his final opportunity to attend the Marines’ reunion. Hall, who was the medic for his platoon, and his companion already have their hotel and train tickets booked, but need help with travel expenses to get him to this final reunion.

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Hall was only 16, so he lied about his age and enlisted. He soon found himself on board a ship headed for combat in the South Pacific. His division landed on Okinawa in April of 1945 and during an attack by Japanese snipers, Hall was shot twice in the lower abdomen, leaving him paralyzed in the legs. Despite his injuries, he managed to crawl to another critically injured Marine and treated him, but the injured Marine died in his arms. For his bravery, Hall received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star.

If you can help make this honorable veteran’s wish come true, please donate today.


See more at the Twilight Wish website.