Dartmouth at War

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, June 3, 2012:

Todd DePastino’s May 20 review of James Wright’s “Those Who Have Borne the Battle,” which is a stirring history of America’s fighting men and women over the centuries, is excellent in all respects.

Mr. DePastino identifies Mr. Wright as a former professor of history at Dartmouth College and its president emeritus. I wish that Mr. DePastino had mentioned that Mr. Wright also wrote the foreword to “Dartmouth at War,” published in December 2011. It contains the memoirs of 107 members of Dartmouth’s 1942 class. Ninety of us wrote our memoirs; the others began to die, beginning in 1974, and family members wrote accounts for them — based on shared memories.

Ninety-one percent of the class served, but many of them chose not to contribute to the book, or couldn’t. Thirty-three members of the class contributed in other ways. They died during the conflict.

Dartmouth Class of 1942
World War II Veteran